The same also understand,Want speed is not reached,I really have to follow up.,So consequences may be more serious than he thinks.。

Looking at Qin Suya into the villa,He is also directly in the corner of the intersection, flying out.。
The Qin Sui Ya Yaqi, which is returned home, is also from the appearance of Luo Yichen.,This makes her also shocked。
At this time, Li Hui’s phone call is also hit.。
Li Hui is waiting for an afternoon,Feel the Qin Su Ya,Only the other party。
“Little Ya,do you miss me?”
Listening to the phone with the sound of magnetic sound,Qin Su Ya is also invincible。
“think,Every day I want to,So, do you miss me??”
“Hey-hey,I want, too,And still thinking about day,During this time, I was ready to go to find you for a while.,Welcome me?”
Somehow,I heard Li Hui’s words,Qin Su Ya’s heart suddenly was a little panic,She suddenly was afraid Li Hui Rong and Luo Yichen met.。
“welcome,Of course, welcome.。”
“Hey-hey,Is there so much pursuer around the little sister recently??”
To say that there is no pursuit in Qin Su, he will not believe it at all.,But I have to say that it is difficult for him.。
After all, he feels that he has a understanding of Qin Ya.。
“What are you??
How many boring people pursue,At the beginning, there may be,But now it is so long.,Everyone is familiar with it.,No chase,If there is something, I don’t dare to express it.,Because as long as the show is chasing me,I won’t take care.。”
When I said this,Qin Su Ya’s mind suddenly emerged from Luo Yimei,This makes her heart feel a little panic.。
She suddenly felt that she was cheated.,After all, now there seems to have only Luo Yichen.。
And many of her small secrets don’t seem to know。
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,You explain a bit more,In fact, it is not explained.,I believe in you,Of course, if Xiao Yajie is really encountered by yourself.,Love,Can tell me,I won’t stop Xiao Ya’s sister.。”
do not know why,Li Hui said that there is some pain in his heart when he said this.,It seems that it is really like to lose the other party.。
And Qin Su Ya heard that Li Hui Feng said like this.,He is not compared with Luo Yichen.。
If it is Luo Yichen,Will definitely don’t let go.?
This idea is coming out.,Qin Su is very terrible。
“breeze,You think too much,If you don’t worry,Then let’s take your life first.,Anyway, I feel almost the same.。”
“Hey-hey,Need not,I do not know why either,Will suddenly say this,And I have been very painful in my heart.。”
On the evening,Li Hui is chatting with Qin Yasai.。
The next morning,Li Hui Feng decided to solve Tianshier earlier.,Then go to Qin Su Ya。
He always feels something,But what he doesn’t know if he himself?。
Morning,He took Yang Li to Tian Da Zhuang’s home.。