Xiaohua in pain is going crazy。

He wanted to get up and fight with the tank angrily,But at the moment he has no strength to resist,Can’t even stand up,So he had to keep the tank’s legs,Not let him kick down,Shouting angrily:“What are you pretending to be!Don’t you just like Xiaoji?What are you pretending to be!Who knows the relationship behind you?Why are you helping Xiaoji?I’m with her and you don’t care!Have you fallen asleep long ago?So you don’t care if she has a boyfriend!is not it?”
No power to fight back,Under the pain of being beaten,angry、The cry of Hysteria yelled out the doubts and speculations that had been accumulated in the heart for a long time……
that moment,Xiao Ji was dumbfounded……
She never dreamed,In Xiaohua’s heart,Turned out to be this kind of person?
If Xiao Ji suffered a crit before,At the moment,Is close to a fatal blow。
Xiao Ji stared at Xiaohua,I wonder if he has always known him、The one I like。
“I am in your heart,Such a woman?”
“How do i know if you are?How do i know if you are?Didn’t you take the initiative to kiss me that day?Who did you learn so proactively??Is a tank a good person??He is a bastard!Why does he help you with such a bastard??Why don’t you even care if you have a boyfriend?It’s because he sleeps, you don’t need to care, right?!”Xiaohua has no choice but to speak,Painful stimulation drives him crazy,He has no strength to fight back,At this moment, subconsciously use all the words to counterattack,To attack,To hurt!
“Son of a bitch!”The tank grabbed Xiaohua’s hair,Punched past。
Chen Wenjin in the dark came out quickly,Holding the tank by the wrist,Stop him from continuing to punch and say:“Don’t punch the head!”
Chen Wenjin knows tank training,I haven’t used punches just now, but I still have a sense of measure,I’m a bit irrational now,Hit Xiaohua on the head so lightly,Very likely to happen。
The tank is a little awake,Push Xiaohua to the ground,Another fierce kick。
In the dark,Qiangwei said worriedly again:“Almost done,Have been playing for so long,Don’t fight,Something to happen……”
Chen Wenjin is convinced,Qiangwei is a full set of acting,Obviously one more:It’s over,Xiaohua didn’t realize the result of being cheated。
A liar,Can take care of the aftermath,It abruptly turns the scam into one that convinces the victim‘Good story’,This level,Really high enough!
Xiaohua who was deceived by her might not realize the truth forever,Maybe even when I think about Qiangwei in the future,Still moved,I miss the short and beautiful contact that I once had……
Chen Wenjin thinks it’s almost done,Just say:“tank,about there。Xiaoji just needs to recognize this guy’s true face,It doesn’t make sense to kill him。”
The key to this is Xiao Ji,And deliberately clicked the word kill。
Xiaoji recognized Xiaohua’s true face,For tanks it means、He has hope。