“Holding grass,This is the brain water?Such an expensive thing。”

“I’m also a little confused about this。”
“what,have pictures,It turned out to be like this,I want it,Ten million。”
Many people were still skeptical,But after seeing the photo,And those things were forgotten by them instantly。
All kinds of battles,Qin Feng also saw that the ginseng was almost 50 million。
But Qin Feng is not happy,Because he knows,This is to trouble him。
It’s the same thing to know how to take away these fifty million,Also, when some people make trouble, it will make your scalp numb.。
But thinking that the money can handle most situations,Qin Feng didn’t think so much。
“What happened this time has nothing to do with me,I just leave,You are responsible for passing it on yourself。”
Qin Feng looked at this force and said,The backpack in his hand is also for the other party,Anyway, as long as he has money,If there is no money,He won’t let go。
“it is good。”That person also quickly took things away,Qin Feng just got a check back。
Qin Feng also has a headache,The money is not so easy to handle。
This is also nothing,Anyway, when the money should be used,I can hold on here。Qin Feng just wanted to see it,But Qin Feng found out that there are many treasures,So he also directly expressed his request。