Otherwise, you will not know so clearly.。

Come to the bar,Nie Yang is sulking。
I saw that Li Hui is coming.,Also just nod, greeted。
There is no previous enthusiasm。
Although Li Hui is prepared by him,But his heart is still not happy.。
After all, he is to Jin Xijie.,It is really feeling right for this.,And this is the land of his guardian.。
“Nie Lao Big,What’s wrong?
A face is happy。”
I will not see Nie Yang’s face.,I immediately walked to Li Hui’s side.:“That Gong Hongyu is a traitor,I have already ran now.,And I also put us before running.。”
Although the sound will not be great,But I was heard by Nie Yang.。
Nie Yang heard this will not be deep,Face is more ugly。
“Hahahaha, I am angry.?”
“Who is Gong Hongyu??”
I heard the question of Li Hui Feng,Nie Yang is a little wish:“Ye Fengchun’s old silver coin!”
“He is still far away from us.?”
“Then I feel that he should have started to the Di Hut.,After all, your people have adjusted the bar.,Then the Di Hall is definitely not protective。”
Nie Yang heard this,The face is not so ugly before.。
“fine,I have already arranged there.,If he went to it, he can’t gain it.。”
Li Hui Feng has a little doubtful to Nie Yang.,That’s time before,He never found that Nie Yang has any protection means。
“This is really true.,I have also struggled with them for so many years.,What is the character of each other?,Ye Fengchun has been hitting my idea here.,But I am also playing my idea over there.。”
“So we have half a catty,If he is smart, it should not come.。”
When I said this,Nie Yang is also full of confidence。
At this time,Gong Hongyu has directly rushed to the Di Hall with a group of people.,If you don’t have anything, you have to start smashing.。
As a result, he just prepared to do it.,I found that things are not bad.。
Because a police car appeared soon,Sni。
Instant,He knows.。
Following him, it is also scared to escape.。
Gong Hongyu did not escape,But he is going to see the direction of his brother’s escape.,He choice。
soon,He found that as a younger brother is arrested,The police force outside the outside police is also slowly relaxing。
I immediately threw something directly,Then take the jacket off,Taking advantage of others,Turned into a crowd of not far away。
Gong Hongyu went back,Ye Fengchun directly wants to swear。