This damn Xiao Fan,Wouldn’t you say it well if you are good??

When I heard the first half of what he said,Still very happy。
But I have to add the last sentence,I don’t even have a good mood at all。
So after Lin Yoona gave Xiao Fan a stern look,Just coldly snort,Then he turned his face out of the window。
Don’t look at that pesky,It will only increase your worries。
Enjoy the beauty on this road for yourself!
To say this provincial city,Actually, Lin Yoona has never been here。
I just came here while discussing business.。
And Lin Yoona still remembers,Every time I talk to people in the provincial capital,People will ask themselves,Is it related to the Lin family in the provincial capital?。
And Lin Yoona has always been a very strong person,So every time someone asks this,She will tell them very firmly,Lin Yuner has nothing to do with the Lin family in the provincial capital。
She only belongs to the Lin family in Yun City。
Lin Yuner is very aware of the influence of the Lin family in the provincial capital,If I say she is from the Lin family in the provincial capital,So many of her businesses,Will do a lot easier。
But she doesn’t want,She is not willing。
Lin Family Home,Lin Yoona has never been there once。
Now I’m getting closer and closer to the destination,Lin Yoona’s mood becomes more upset。
Even if she is now enjoying the beauty outside the window。
“You are worried about the Lin family in the provincial capital?”Xiao Fan suddenly asked。
After Lin Yoona heard the sudden voice,Also turned his head immediately。