Tens of billions of miles northeast of Jiuhe City,Is a very wide area,The sea is as gorgeous as jade。

And in the blue sky,There are countless islands scattered on it。Most of them are real【Island】,And others,If based on the standard of the material plane,Undoubtedly【mainland】,There are even islands larger than the size of a physical plane。
And on one of these huge islands。There is a colorful city【Lin Puppet City】。
Lin Puppet City was once the residence of the master who created the death puppet,Although the master has already fallen,But it has gathered a group of people who are good at alchemy,Create all kinds of puppet gods。Simultaneously,This place is also the center of metal life production,The price is 30% cheaper than outside。
But Elek didn’t have much spare money to buy puppets,She even plans to sell the puppets given by her brother。
“Damn it,Elsewhere, my high-ranking death puppet can sell 70 million source stones.,Why can only sell 55 million source stones here?!”Elek’s eyes widened,The staff looking at the blue sky castle。
The staff member rolled his eyes,But because the other party is a high-level beauty, I still explained it.:“This lady,We are Lin Puppet City,The origin of the puppet of the entire life god world,The price of puppet goods is much cheaper,No matter the sale。”
“Hey,Then sell these godheads and sundries!”Elek gritted his teeth,Take out the remaining belongings。The death puppet is his most important combat power。
“Ok,Eight Higher Godheads,Source stone worth 56 million。”
“15 high-level artifacts,And the middle godhead,Several mid-level artifacts,A total of 16 million source stones。”
“These clutter,Add up to three million source stones!”
The staff finally gave Eleker a total of 75 million source stones。
Elek gritted his teeth,She saw it just now,The cheapest house in Puppet City costs 80 million source stones,And she has nothing else except the artifact in her hand。It seems,I can only sell the death puppet,But I’m really unwilling。
“Elec sister,I put together 12 million source stones here!”A barefoot girl in black ran over,Shouted to Elek。
Elek was taken aback:“Denise,Where did you get so many source stones?!”
The middle god known as Denise smiled:“We sold some of the weapons on our three handles,Then sell the upper godhead。”