At the intersection of Ouyang Hongjia’s community,Xia Jian found a place and stopped the car first,Then I found a fruit shop,Bought a lot of seasonal fruits。

First2319chapter Beating
Xia Jian plucked up the courage to press the doorbell,With the Ding Dong sound,The door opened slightly,Ouyang Hong’s familiar voice came from inside。
“Who to call?”Ouyang Hong’s voice looks a little tired。
It makes Xia Jian feel a little uncomfortable,Vigorous in the past,Ouyang Hong, who used to be majestic in front of everyone,I didn’t expect to become like today。
Xia Jian takes a step forward,Slammed the door open a bit。Ouyang with messy red hair standing at the door,Junsu’s face,Exhausted。
“how?Don’t want me to sit in?”Xia Jian looked at Ouyang Hong like this,While talking,Squeezed into the door。
At this time, Ouyang Hong just recovered,She asked softly:“How did you come?Who told you i live here?”
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,He put the fruit in his hand on the table,Then looked into the room。Here is a set of two rooms and two halls。The house is well designed and decorated,But the interior looks like it’s been a long time,Looks messy。
“The house is a bit messy,You sit down first,I’m going to change clothes。You say me like this,Will it scare you”After recovering, Ouyang Hong found herself a bit sloppy,So he ran into the bedroom。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He began to clean up the room for Ouyang Hong。classification,Put neatly,Summarized in place。Actually nothing,It only took a few minutes。The living room has changed。
Xia Jian carefully observed for a while,He found the bathroom,Take out the mop,Dragged every corner of the room。And wipe the dust off the TV,Just a few minutes。
See the new living room,Xia Jian also felt a sense of accomplishment。Is to take care of others’ sense of accomplishment。
Ouyang Hong changed a suit in the room,I also painted a light makeup,Then I gently opened the door and walked out。When I see the big change in the living room,She asked in disbelief:“This is what you packed?”
“It’s not me. Did you see other people??”Xia Jian smiled proudly。
Ouyang Hong walked over slightly awkwardly,She gently sat beside Xia Jian。Xia Jian fixed his eyes for a while and Ouyang Hong said:“now it’s right,Is it still pretty to dress up??Look at you just now,Really can’t be seen directly”
Xia Jian said to Ouyang Hong jokingly。Ouyang Hong lowered her head in embarrassment:“Too much happened recently,Make people lose fighting spirit。Plus resting at home during this time,So it became like this”
“What a big deal!Not divorced,Is there still something wrong with work??What is this?We can find another divorce,If there is a problem at work, we can change it again!It’s not the end of the world,Do you have to be like this?”Xia Jian said to Ouyang Hong in a mocking tone。
Ouyang Hong wanted to cry Xia Jian,Spit out my unhappiness,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to talk to her like this。For a time,She can’t get upset at all。