Commercial transport rocket project wins "starting in Beijing"

Original title: Commercial launch rocket project won the "Entrepreneurship Beijing" this newspaper (Reporter Deli) Yesterday, the 4th "Entrepreneurial Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition organized.

The contest is the theme of "Entrepreneurship Beijing Dream Jing City", with 36 enterprises and entrepreneurial teams to participate in the finals, divided into two groups of entrepreneurial projects and innovation projects, the final setup group of Star River Power Projects – a new generation of low cost, high reliable business carrying Rockets and innovative Banguang Quantum Projects – a new generation of millions of Bitbent quantum AI coordinator, awarded a prize.

  This competition is jointly hosted by the Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Beijing Agricultural Rural Area, Beijing Development Reform Commission, Beijing Science and Technology Commission and other departments, Beijing Employment Promotion Center, Tongzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau It is an important part of the Beijing venue in Beijing. It is also an important measure in the municipal promotion, steady employment, and help rural revitalization.

  The contest started from June this year, got a positive response from the city’s entrepreneurial team and enterprise, a total of 1317 project registration registration, involving cultural creativity, medical health, Internet TMT, modern service, country new service, agricultural cultural industry, agriculture The productive service industry and information service industry and other areas.

All districts in the city have organized a district-level selection competition through a variety of forms such as on-site road, online review, online live broadcast, and created a strong atmosphere of active innovation and entrepreneurship in the city.

  This competition gives full play to the strength of the capital resources, will provide financial support, financial capital docking, entrepreneurial services for the excellent enterprises and teams. The award-winning project can prioritize equity financing, creditorial financing and other opportunities, and it is eliminating the anti-guarantee when applying for Beijing’s entrepreneurial guarantee loans.

In addition, the award-winning project will also be included in the city’s Human Resources and Social Security Bureau outstanding entrepreneurial project library, enjoy policies and services such as training guidance, exchange show, talent recruitment, "big creation" listing. In addition to the conventional entrepreneurial innovation main body, this year’s "Entrepreneurship Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition also specially supported the rural revitalization project, focusing on agricultural entrepreneurship projects, encouraging farmers to increase their reception. It is understood that since 2018, Beijing has successfully held the four "Entrepreneurship Beijing" entrepreneurial innovation competition. As an important platform for the development of "Double Creative" development, the four contests attracted 4055 entrepreneurial enterprises and entrepreneurial team registration, including 9 projects in the "China Wing" Entrepreneur Innovation Competition National Finals, 168 A project was awarded in the municipal final. (Editor: Mensus, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.