Several people drove back to Yunshi,Xiao Fan kept holding Lin Yoona’s hand while driving,The two said nothing,But it just feels very solid,Because of being around,Because not leaving,Because of mutual trust。

Xiao Fan knew someone wanted a necklace,But no one really has the ability to take the necklace from him,No one can hurt Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan is not worried about these people,He will not let anyone hurt him easily now。
Gu Jin called Xiao Fan yesterday,Said Xiaonian Gao missed him,I might go to see Xiao Fan these days,Xiao Fan smiled helplessly,I missed him after only a few days away。
Xiao Fan asked Xiaonian Gao to answer the phone,The small nian gao babbled at the other end called Uncle Xiao Fan,Listening to his little milk voice, Xiao Fan felt that he missed him a little,Just tell Gu Jin and the others to be careful on the way。
Xiao Nian Gao knew that he could see Uncle Xiao Fan again,So very happy,Gu Jin pretended to be angry and said that he liked Uncle Xiao Fan more than Dad。Little nian gao seems to understand,Put a kiss on Gu Jin’s face。
Gu Jin couldn’t get angry right away,no way,Who makes this kid so smart and cute。Bai Chen will also go this time,After all, Gu Jin can’t bring a child by herself。
Su Ran told Shen Lin to let him take over the new base.,Be careful about everything,Shen Lin touched her head and said she was a small housekeeper,Su Ran smiled and wanted to hit him。
In fact, little trouble in life is the simplest happiness,Like Su Ran and Shen Lin,Although the two are young,But there are so many things we experienced together,Although not so romantic,But there is a real sense of happiness。
Yiming had a great time at Greenwood Villa this time,Now the base is well managed,The company is operating normally,Boss Xiao Fan is back,He thinks his life is complete,Besides being a single dog。
But what Yiming doesn’t know is,I’m about to meet true love soon,I’ll be single soon,Our Yiming life is really a complete success。But he still has to work for Xiao Fanxiao’s boss。
But for Yiming,Helping Xiao Fan is his most successful place,This is unconditional support,No matter what, Xiao Fan has a diehard fan of Yiming。Loyalty。
Why do you feel so comfortable,Because someone supports you unconditionally,This sentence is most suitable for Xiao Fan,But actually the good is mutual,Xiao Fan is also good to Yiming。
Yiming is backcbase,Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to Lin’s house,Shen Lin sends Su Ran backAbase,Then go to the new base,The new base is called the new base without a code。This is also special。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner returned to the Lin family,When I went back, Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng were sitting in the living room and chatting,Saw them back,Happy to let them sit down and rest。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona sat down,Two people are as loving as before,Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng looked happy,Nothing is more important than the happiness of your daughter。
Xiao Fan feels tolerated by everyone,Lin Yuner thinks Xiao Fan tolerated her,Therefore,The relationship between two people is so good,I always feel that the other person treats me better。