“Mr. Ye,this late,has not rested yet?”

Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty meeting
Ye Qing walked straight to Kong Xi’s side in a professional outfit,Her face and temperament,Almost no different from daytime,As if this whole day’s work didn’t affect her at all,I have to admire her energy。
“Team Kong is also watching this video?”
“Can’t help it,Competition at sea is the highlight of the next stage,Can Warwick rise in a short period of time,Probably just watch this time。”
Kong Xi’s words are really not alarmist,Actually Warwick’s current situation,Already very severe。
City side,Before the start of the global war,Hardly any major changes,Even if,With Warwick’s current foundation,Can’t get better,therefore,The competition at sea is particularly important。
And maybe it’s really God Bless Warwick,Not long ago,Han Ming led the guild members in the process of continuously completing team tasks,I was lucky enough to get a canoe drawing。
This is probably the second one in China。
And this,It is a golden opportunity for Warwick。
After all, I believe in old guilds like the Warring States Period,Limited by Lu Zhe,The number of canoes is very limited,It is difficult to carry out a regular marine expedition,And the canoe has mileage and time limit,It is possible that none of them are gone now。
Warwick,But in the previous period,Hard to accumulate canoes,Ye Qing is very willing to spend money,Just the materials in the game,Already invested tens of millions of RMB。
And all this confidential work is done very well,No one knows so far,If Lian Lu Zhe didn’t have Wu Miao, this little spy,,No way to know。