Xia Jian’s mother Sun Yuejuan,Holding a two thousand eight hundred yuan remittance slip in his hand,This is the other day,Xia Jianhui gave them,This little money order,In Xiping Village,Can set off a lot of fluctuations,Everyone said everything,Some people say that Xia Jian is ready,Must be the boss,And some people say,Xia Jian can send so much money to his family at once,Maybe it’s the underworld。Public opinion,The troubled Xia Zecheng and his wife are very uncomfortable。

“Stop smoking,You said something?“Sun Yuejuan looked worried。
Xia Zecheng knocked off the soot,Shook his head and said:“No way,Let’s not go,As big as Bucheon,More than our average city,It’s not easy for kids to make money,We can’t mess around,Let’s take it out and store it in the bank first!“
“What do you say about this,This bear kid,Just know to send money,Nor give a detailed address,New Year is coming”Sun Yuejuan’s eyes were full of tears。
Xia Zecheng felt uncomfortable looking at his wife,He is not a taste,It’s been a long time before he whispered:“I heard that Zhao Hong is back,She seems to go to Bucheon,Did you say she was with our bastard??”
“Nonsense”Even though Sun Yuejuan said so,But my heart still shook。
Xia Ze grew up and said with a sigh:“For this bastard,Don’t care about face anymore,Go to Zhao Hong’s house at night,Just ask,If it’s like what I said,Don’t say anything,Child is older,We can’t control it”
“Hey!I ran away from Zhao Hong’s house and said this,Don’t forget this old face”Sun Yuejuan sighed,I shouldn’t have said that to Zhao Hong。
Night in the countryside is called night,Black invisible。
Zhao Hong sitting in the room,Reading a book about vegetable growing,Her trip to Bucheon,It’s not small,Not only learned the technology of greenhouse cultivation,more importantly,The report she sent to the Provincial Academy of Agriculture to help with the test came out,Her classmate said,The soil in Xiping Village,Most suitable for cultivation in a greenhouse。
suddenly,On the wall of the yard,Strange noise,Zhao Hong hurriedly stood up,Shouted softly into the yard:“Who?”
Shadow flash,People have entered the house。
Under the light,Wang Youcai smiled,It’s late autumn,This kid also wanted to show his spirit in front of Zhao Hong,Only wore a white shirt,Although the black leather shoes are shiny and shiny,But let his fat feet support,Doesn’t look good。
“Wang Youcai,You are a dog,Leave the gate alone,What wall,Be careful i call people,Interrupt your dog leg”Zhao Hong’s beautiful mood,Vandalized in an instant。
“Don’t sister!Not dare next time,If there is another time,You don’t have to shout,Hit directly”Wang Youcai was laughing,Don’t sit down。