Beneficial interaction to improve film and television quality (Yi Haiduan)

In film and television creation, even if the details of dubbing, subtitles, posters are increasingly valued, this is the performance of the intensive level of the film and television industry. Recently, a player is quietly popular. At the end of the works, the voice of the dubbing actor and the character is listed in the screen, let the audience who are concerned, love the sound performance are excited. In the past, many people had a certain prejudice to the dubbing actor and thought they were the "attached" of the role actor. With the vigorous development of the domestic animation industry, the "Sound of the Improved" and the "Broken Circle" of the well-known voice actors, people are more realized that sound art can not only create an image, but also to shape people. I really learn the true skills and have important aesthetic features.

In the past, a film and television work is discussed mainly in the director, screenwriter, actor.

This situation has changed. Similar to the status of sound art, it has become less referred to in film and television creation, and the link is increasingly concerned.

For example, many film and television dramas have not yet started broadcasting. The theme song has spread through the streets; the movie poster design is unique, and there is only the oriental charm, and the content theme is closely echoed; the boutique costume drama chemical road is rigorous, fully show Chinese traditional costumes Classical beauty.

"琊" lens language is exquisite and exquisite, for the audience, Jinjin, "Changan 12 hours" art and etiquette design as far as possible to restore the true situation of the Tang Dynasty. In film and television creation, even if the details of dubbing, subtitles, posters are increasingly valued, this is a continuous improvement in the industrialization of the film and television industry.

As a comprehensive art, a successful film and television work is a crystallization of all aspects of work, no matter which link exists, there will be an overall art effect. So I want to create outstanding works, and need all kinds of professional skills, and experienced creators have worked together to work together. From the development of the World Film and Television Industry, the mature film and television industry system is closely cooperated with detailed division of labor, making the production process scientific, reasonable, and efficient.

At present, China’s film and television creation is increasingly refined, and it strives to achieve high professionalism in different links, which is the result of the development of water to the stream of China’s film and television industry. At present, China’s film and television industry is developing rapidly, the market is increasingly mature, and the viewer’s appreciation level is also overall.

In recent years, the spread of film and television works has been highly networked, international, massive information, and multi-diverse interaction platforms open another window to create a wide communication dialogue. At the same time, a large number of updates are fast, and the visual perspective of the viewing angle appears, let the audience’s expertise, cultural vision can be expanded. We are happy to see that the audience’s film and television appreciation ability is significantly improved. For the lack of quality and sincerity works, the audience will not buy; for high quality works, the audience is not only the god meeting, but the case is good, and will take the initiative to join the way of communication, and put the film and television drama, the box office is pushed up.

The improvement of the audience’s aesthetic taste is a significant feature of the current market demand, and people’s new requirements for the creation of film and television works, the pursuit of excellence and the creation of benign interactions in the film and television sectors.

This once again proves that the innovation and development of film and television arts and the continuous prosperity of the film and television industry are the results of the production of film and television dramas and the sound interaction of the audience.

At the moment, media integration is changing the viewers’ ornamental habits, high-tech and film and television creation is going to more closely, which means that the film and television industry will face great challenges from AI and VR and other technological changes, and the industry will also face resource re-emergence Integration opportunities.

No matter how to change, pursue a more complete production system construction, adhere to the professionalism, stick to human care, use better work to reflect the reality, serve the people, return the society, help spiritual civilization, should be the belief and pursuit of film and television workers .