[Effects and Effects of Ginseng Flower Tea]_Ginseng Flower Tea_Effect_Effect

[Effects and Effects of Ginseng Flower Tea]_Ginseng Flower Tea_Effect_Effect

Ginseng scented tea is a relatively common medicinal material, so it is very common and easy at ordinary times. Ginseng scented tea can dispel heat and dissipate heat from the body, and has good ventilation.People who have dizziness during sleep often have qi and blood deficiency, which has a certain effect.

Origin: Ginseng flower is native to Changbai Mountain. Efficacy: Ginseng flower function and effect: Contains 20 kinds of saponified active substances, 17 kinds of amino acids, 10 kinds of trace elements, some anti-cancer active selenium and crude protein.

It has qi and blood circulation, regulates endocrine and promotes metabolism; it has strong heart and kidney, Shengjin and thirst, kidney and stomach, soothe the nerves and increase intelligence.


Clearing heat and reducing inflammation, clearing liver and clearing fire, detoxifying and soothing throat, lowering blood pressure, dizziness, dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, acne, acne, acute respiratory inflammation and other health care functions; stable spirit, eyesight, intelligence, chronic lung disease, Prolong life, soothe the nerves, refresh the heat and detoxify, nourish the lungs and clear the fire.

Precautions: Precautions for ginseng flowers: Please keep it in a cool and dry place indoors, and avoid children from taking it by themselves.

Suitable for: ginseng flowers are suitable for peony, buffalo, rose king, white hibiscus, rhododendron, carnation, laurel cinnamon, primrose, bromelia, carnation, carnation, calendula, orange spinach, wax plum, snowLily flower, blue-grass tea, lemon balm, lemon grass, ganoderma, lavender, red snow tea, wolfberry, etc.

How to drink: how to run and drink ginseng flowers: a teaspoon of dried petals, brew with a cup of boiling water, and simmer for about ten minutes; add brown sugar or honey jam as appropriate.