The child froze for a while,Shook his head,Did not speak。

“You remember their personal style clearly,In mind,I will meet again in the future。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“I?after?”The child raised his head in surprise,I don’t quite understand what Lu Menglin means。
“I only fight this time,I won’t come next year,Team Menglin will rely on you from now on。Hurry up and become better!”Lu Menglin smiled。
“I?Really can?”Child bowed his head,Whisper。
The previous defeat against South Korea,Let him no longer have so much confidence in his own strength。Especially when the Japanese team also took a tricky stepAfter infinite connection,It even stabbed his self-confidence.。
“If you can’t,I can also try!As long as Brother Menglin is willing to teach me。”Xiaopang Wang next to him with a smile。
This little fat guy is obviously gagging,But it relieves the tension of the child just right。
Jiang Jinghong also smiled:“He taught me before!Didn’t let you play in the end!Child,do you know?You are the most talented person I have ever seen in games,of course,If you can’t count this perverted guy。”
“Ok,Honestly,If you only talk about talent,I can’t compare to kids。”Lu Menglin laughed。
“Thank you,thank you all!I will continue to work hard!”Grateful child,Nodded seriously。
At this moment,A harsh sound came from the door of the restaurant。
“If it works hard,People here are champions!Unfortunately there is only one champion,that’s me!Mr. Kim Jong-hui!”The arrogant captain of the Korean team got out at some point,Open arms again,Exclaimed。
“are you crazy!Again!”Lu Menglin saw this stuff,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly。