“I’m not your brother!”

Xiang Chen rolled his eyes,Made Li Tianzi a big blush,It also stopped the smile on Li Tianxing’s face abruptly。
Originally, I saw Xiang Chen and Li Tianzi fighting each other,No matter who wins or loses, Li Tianxing finds it very interesting,It’s just Xiang Chen’s sentence that I am not your brother,Li Tianxing felt that this melon was not sweet anymore!
“let go!let go!”
Shoulder pain,Li Tianxing’s difficult opening,Xiang Chen also released his hand under the gaze of the people aroundwww.ycfmey.。
“You are really bored with Ye Qing?”
Li Tianxing continues to eat,But still whispered to Xiang Chen quietly。
“My big brother,Saved my life,But I don’t plan to agree!”
Xiang Chen helplessly explained it again,I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with Li Tianxing,In short, if he doesn’t solve the problem,It’s nothing more than I find someone to chat with him every night,How to choose,All up to him。
Turning to look at Ye gently,Xiang Chen changed to another tone when speaking,The difference is obvious,It’s not difficult for people with hearing problems to tell。
“Your brother Ye Ting and Big Brother Ding both saved my life,Your brother is gone now,Whether you mind or not,We are all your brothers。”Xiang Chen smiled and said to Ye gently,When I leaned back on the chair, I switched to another tone。
“I believe that there are some pretty young ladies,Don’t bully children with elders anymore?”
“Brother Xiang, you seem to be two years older than me,Don’t talk so old-fashioned。”Ye murmured softly。
No one speaks,And Ye Qingming, who has learned some information from Ding Sheng and Zhu Ziqing,I also know the relationship between Xiang Chen and his late elder brother。
Zhu Ziqing’s words need to be considered,But Ding Sheng,Ye Qingchun still knows。
No wonder some self-willed behaviors can always be tolerated,Looked at Ding Sheng with embarrassment,Ye Qingchun didn’t expect that he had a glass of wine,It’s not just my career in the showbiz,And Ding Sheng’s wealth。
But it’s fine now,It’s not that Xiang Chen will stand up for himself,But the appearance of Ding Sheng and Xiang Chen,More or less let Ye feel some of the residual warmth left by his elder brother。
“Big day is big!”
Xiang Chen glanced at Ye lightly,The tone of speech is not so angry that it smells like gunpowder。
Seeing Ye Qingqing smiled embarrassedly,So is Xiang Chen,Pointing to Zhu Ziqing and Shan You who are not far away from Zhiye respectively,Speak:“See him for administrative issues in the future,Ask him for fighting problems!As for some people in the magic city to trouble you,Hit him directly!What are the consequences,Let them find me!”