For example, because one day there will be a marriage proposal,marry,Then you will have your own children。So no matter what happens,I will give you the greatest knowledge behind my back,Let you live your happiest life。

So that you will not regret following me to complete some growth experiences,And help me do something,So you two must be cautious about this time.。
Must not let yourself be in any danger,Understand?”Yiming couldn’t help but smiled,Because Brother Fan actually used three cautions in a row,Obviously they really care about some of their safety。
Then Yiming smiled and said to Brother Fan:“Brother, don’t worry,This time we will be cautious and cautious,Don’t worry,As for the marriage proposal。
We must discuss it carefully when we go back,Maybe,You will have to raise the children born then,The two of us have to work for you。”
Then Xiao Fan smiled and said:“Row,Give it to me then,Alright,Don’t brush your mouth,Call Chu Yao over now,I will arrange for you two,Let me let you know what your real mission is。
In fact, I said that you have come into contact with this task once before,But I don’t know if you remember. Besides, this mission is more dangerous and not as easy to solve as that time.,That’s why I make you cautious。
So come here and let me tell you what the task is。”Then he called Chu Yao,Let her know what their mission is,Actually Xiao Fan didn’t know how to tell them。
But with years of tacit understanding and so many years of experience,The two of them should also be able to guess what task Xiao Fan will give them,It’s nothing more than undercover or gathering some evidence,Inside and outside to complete some tasks。
Yiming and Chu Yao can actually predict this,And after the two of them came,Xiao Fan looked at them both,No matter when I see my two younger siblings,He felt that there were some things left to them。
Really rest assured。Because they don’t care what happens,Will trust yourself unconditionally,There may be other situations,But they will never betray themselves。
Even if one day they are really told to betray Xiao Fan or do some other things,Xiao Fan won’t believe it,Because Xiao Fan knew that they must betray themselves for a certain task or because of other things。
So Xiao Fan knows this very well,Dare to give them such a task with confidence,Because if something unexpected happens,,It might be the other way around,Xiao Fan was hurt。
No more danger for others,That’s why Xiao Fan brought the two of them over this time,Give this task to them two,Let them do it。After the two of them came over, Xiao Fan didn’t sell Guanzi again。
After all, I won’t tell them two,Yiming and Chu Yao don’t have time to prepare,I won’t be able to leave the mission on time tomorrow,Then Xiao Fan told them both:“Your two tasks this time are still more important。
But it still needs an experience,I don’t know what means you will use to complete such a task,But actually you two are also lovers,So many things are more convenient。
That’s why I left this matter to you,Hope you two can do it smoothly,But we still need to emphasize safety first,Especially Chu Yao, as for some follow-up things,Yiming will tell you when the time comes。
The most important thing now is to tell you,What is the task given to you and now you need to remember what your task is,In fact, I want you to do an undercover task。
Let you gather evidence. After all, this person is a person who does everything.,What can I find so I hope you can complete such a task,Then there is evidence that they did something wrong。
Then I can just clean them all,Also convince them,Speechless,I won’t speak up for myself,I don’t think I’m bullying others,So this time the matter must be resolved。