Chapter five hundred and twenty seven prairie

“A terrible thing happened on our grassland!”Mustache speaks。
“amount.”Qin Feng wanted to say,What’s my business,I still have a lot of things waiting for me to solve,This is not so easy to deal with。
But in the end Qin Feng still didn’t say anything,After all, it sounds too kind。After all, the other party is here obviously wanting to ask for help。
“What can i do for you?”In the end, Qin Feng spoke this sentence。
“Ugh,how to say,There are not many god-level powerhouses we know now。Most importantly,No one else can be reached。I am thinking,After all, you have the strength to fight God level,Maybe can help?”Bearded a little embarrassed。But since I decided to ask Qin Feng for help,Then it’s impossible to be hypocritical。
In fact, due to leaving the scene too early,So the big beard and the mustache are just follow-up to hear such a rumor。Knowing that Qin Feng has the strength to fight a god level。
As for the authenticity,That’s hard to say。
But since it’s here,Then speak out your purpose directly,As for how the other party decides,They don’t interfere here。
“If you really have the strength to fight the gods,Then help us。This is about the survival of our entire grassland nation。”Said the mustache。
“Is it so serious?”Qin Feng was taken aback。
“Ok,Prairie wolf。Although we live on the grassland, it’s normal for wolves to appear。And our nomads have their own unique way of dealing with wolves.。But this time is different,Organized attack by hundreds of wolves,Then retreat disciplinedly,As if someone is commanding。”
The more Qin Feng listened, the more interesting this story became。
“When I rushed to the scene, there was nothing but a mess。The cattle and sheep that were killed and captured can still grit their teeth to accept,But many herdsmen died here。After a period of investigation,I finally found the wolves。Just when I was preparing to solve the pack of wolves。I found that there was someone standing behind the wolves。I’m angry。unfortunately,I can’t win,Because there are wolves around me。I can only stand out,Then look for a helper。”
After the beard finished speaking, he looked at Qin Feng。The other side should have a general impression after listening to his own description。
so,If Qin Feng doesn’t have God-level combat power,,Then he will definitely refuse this request。