Because this girl’s appearance,Let him become more sincere,tolerant,Facing undulating life and impermanent destiny,Also become more powerful,Let yourself go in your own way of life.,Will wrap around the surrounding environment。

Maybe in the persistent person,This is a heart,It is an unhappy,Can’t extricate love。
But for him in growth,He is indeed true love,But not ignore。
He smiled warmly,Large office,He looks unusually lonely。
“Blue,I know I will lose you.,I didn’t expect it to be so fast.,but,Thank you, there is you,Have your time is really good。”
His eyesight,But it is a smile of relief。
His pain,She also hurts,If he is involuntarily,How do she get peace of mind?。
He thought for a long time,Only sending a message to Blue Xin。
“Blue,congratulations,please be happy,I,Le Zhenxi,I have to look at your happiness in my own eyes.。”
Blue Xin looks at the word on the phone screen,Gently laugh,Back a sentence:“熙,You must also be happy,Let’s happiness together!”
熙,It is a more important thing in her life.,so,Many things must be said,There will be no resentment between them.。
Xi Xi understood her,She also knows Xi Xi。
She witnessed the growth of Xi Xi.,He won’t be cut from an apple.,Growing up to everyone,Fan City, Fan City, a great name,these years,She witnessed his growth。
She smiled slightly:“熙,Work is tight,But still is tight,I have to remember to eat again.。”
Le Zhenxi looked at her warm reminder,Touching lip corner:“knew,Blue,but,Still want to tell you, thank you,Thank you for your annual companionship.,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Blue Xin saw“We are still as early as the beginning”Several words,Her eyes have flowed out.。
Xi Xi will not say sweet words like other men.,Go to a very powerful,Or use your own speech to verify yourself as a man’s charm。
He is a very sincere boy,They need warmth between them,But it is very awake between each other.。
Between them,Sincere,Things say,Remain as early as。
Blue Xin is also sent to the past:“Remain as early as!”
Thank you all the way, you。
“Hoot”Blue Xin gently clear。
Lu Haocheng took the garbage back,I saw her in tears.,Anxious,Square meteor is going to her,Kneel in front of her,Carefully ask:“Blue,What’s wrong with you?”
Blue Xin hugged him,Tears fell fierce。
“Lu Hao Cheng,熙”Lu Haicheng looked at her quickly,Her she is crying for 熙?
“Blue,How is Le Xi??”
He looked at the pearl of her eyes as broken.。
Blue Xin, crying and laughing:“he’s good,He finally thought of,We are still as early as the beginning。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He lost garbage,Her and Le Zhenxi,What happened?。
“Blue,What is still as early as?”
Lu Haocheng feels that he is very necessary to figure out this matter.,otherwise,His heart can’t be quiet,after all,Le Zhenxi in his heart,I have always been a first love。
Convince a European,He can’t convince a Le Zhenxi。
He did not confident,After all, the blue and Le Zhenxi have bits this seven years.,It is not that he is empty for more than ten years.,So he will not be confident so。
Blue Xin eased his emotions,Wipe the tears on your face,Looking at Lu Hao,Tell Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Essentials,Le Zhenxi is easy to give up。
This makes him suddenly feel that he is in the cotton in cotton.,His number one love,When he did not make anything,Announcement。
Le Zhenxi,Shouldn’t he be very happy??
Why is there a joy?。