Lu Hao Cheng was suddenly dangerous,What he wants to know,I can’t know.。

“Since you don’t say,Let’s later do this.!”His sound line is very good,Reprinted threat。
The danger of spreading from him,Instantly shrouded the whole body of Blue Xin。
Blue Xinjing,It’s hard to support him.,The pair of deep into the scorpion,With a shares to wear everything。
His sentence is like this?What makes her cool behind her。
I can’t take care of what is at the moment.,She looked straight into Lu Haozheng,“Lu Hao Cheng,You are like me like this.,Do you want to wait for your lover??Does your conscience will not hurt??You will not hurt,My pain。”
“hehe”Lu Hao Cheng suddenly laughed。
Looking at her, this Ming Yanyi’s face,Evil:“Blue,Do you think more?。”His words said。
Blue Xinyi,After knowing the obsession, I found the meaning of his words.。
“why me?”She is still a problem that has just been entangled,She is full of stress.,The clear eyes look at his handsome,Don’t let go of a single face on her face。
Such a look,Blue Xin’s heart can’t help but despise yourself,What is her in mind??
Lu Haochi inserted in the trouser pocket,It’s noble.:“You want to know,I am still that problem.?Your mobile password,Why is it0923?”
Blue Xin slightly,Look at him,He knows her things,Follow up:“This is a ginger,After I wake up,Several numbers I remember,I am afraid for forgetting.,Used to do lock screen。
Every day,Will not forget,I don’t know what special meaning it is.,But I just remember these numbers.,Remember these numbers,Maybe it is possible to unveil my life.。”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,The bottom of the heart is full of warmth,She doesn’t remember anything.,Remember his birthday。
She lost the day,Just is his birthday。
And that day,It is also his most painful time.。
His father,The same ruthless to my mother?
He even thought about it away from home.,Go to find mom?
But he knows,he can not,he’s gone,Just like Qin Ning’s meaning。
Looking at Lu Hao Cheng’s complex emotions,Lan Xin only feels that Lu Hao Cheng, who is in front of him.,Let her simply touch his sex。
“Continental,You still have not answered my question?”
Lu Haocheng is a smile,Watching on her bright and moving small face,Philippine lips,Slowly open:“Because,Can only be you!”
Gentle sentence,But let Luoxin feel that he fell into the ice.,She is like a tiger,Nowhere to escape。
NS141chapter:It is the warmth of his memories.

NS141chapter:It is the warmth of his memories.
She is like that.,The mind is echoed by Lu Hao Cheng,“Because,Can only be you!”
“Ding”Elevator door open,Blue Xin has just returned to God,Lu Hao accommodates over her hand,Go on the car。
Blue Xin is still immersed in that sentence,I even forgot to struggle,I forgot to reject Lu Hao Cheng,Slitting his pace。
I have been sitting at the car,Lu Haocheng gave her seat belt,Strong heterosexum,Haunting in her nose,She suddenly returned to God。
She lifted,But I suddenly hit a pair of deep-in-depth-enceeding,Her heart,Keep up with one tight,She instantly feels his gaze,Like a shackle,Keep her firmly,Let her not escape now!
Lu Haocheng saw her nervous,But just gently hook the lips,Didn’t say anything,White jade finger,Slowly hold the direction of the parking lot。
All the way,There is no sentence in a quiet sentence.。
Blue Xin doesn’t know what to say to Lu Hao?