It’s all over,Still watching the show here?

“Let’s go too,I have to participate in the fight tomorrow,”Strange to say,My body was in pain just now,I feel fine now。
Relaxed,The sharp pain just now seemed to happen in a flash。
“Brother Hao,You were really fierce just now,It was a mess,Quell me directly。”
Huang Xiaoding recalled the scene just now,He simply blinded his titanium dog eyes。
At this moment, Qin Hao can’t wait to see the reward given by the system just now,Tiger Roar, Longyin Dali Pills are of little use,He’s not a kid with kidney deficiency?
Naturally do not need this powerful Viagra。
“This oneCGrade genetic modification medicine is interesting,”Qin Hao took a look at its function。
Used on anyone,Will transform their physical attributes,But there is no guarantee that the attributes will be successfully promoted。
There is a certain chance to reduce physical attributes。
in other words,This is looking at the face,Whose face is black,Not only can’t help them,Also reduces physical attributes。
“Can be used with Lucky Potion,100% success rate。”
Then a product popped up from the merit store。
“CLucky Potion,Cooperate with allCGrade material items use,100% success rate。”
Qin Hao glanced at the price,A thousand merits。
However, after buying the powerful explosive potion and the vitality burst potion, he still has six thousand merit points.。