Yoga Master’s View of Yoga Food

Yoga Master’s View of Yoga Food

There are three types of potential energy in the universe: Pleasant power (kindness type), Mutant power (passion type), and Inert power (food type).

Pleasant powers give all things vitality, mutative powers give them uncertainty, and asynchronous power transforms all things laziness, inertia, and death. After that, forces constrain the universe onto itself and cause finely different things.

  Similarly, when choosing different types of food, people also choose different qualities, thoughts, activities, and wisdom in life.

  From the above analysis, from the above analysis, the choice of different foods has an ideological quality and behavioral results that are quite different.

Yogis believe that for physical health and peace of mind, they should eat more pleasant foods, eat less transsexual foods and avoid inherent foods at all, but if they eat too much, they also eat sterile foods.

No matter how the animals after the slaughter are handled, they will not be able to completely eliminate the “corpse poison” of the dead. Besides, the animals will have a great fear state during the slaughter, which will cause their bodies to produce some toxins. If used for a long time,, People will suffer depression.

At the same time, too much meat can easily cause cancer, hypertension and hypertension.

Human characteristics seem to be similar to fruit-eating animals and similar to herbivores. Human nature is not inherently carnivorous.

  For those who want to gain spirituality, vegetarian food has great potential.

Some nuts and seeds have as much protein as meat but do not contain more impurities.

As long as cereals and beans are combined, people can also create completely protein foods.

Vegetarian people continue to develop constipation, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, and most still have a cured life. At the same time, in old age, they can think normally and correctly and discuss issues wisely.

The yogi imitates that when the tiger and the elephant fight, the tiger cannot last more than two hours, but the elephant can fight for three days.

  If food is not cooked well or mashed badly, digestion problems will occur. The more thoroughly you chew the food, the more nutrition and energy you will get.

If a person wants to lose weight but does not want to eat food, then they can try chewing the food again and again, at least thirty times.

  Krsna has told us through yoga more than 5,000 years ago that a harmonious life can be achieved through yoga.

It should be noted that the change of lifestyle is a process and will not be done in one step. The question is whether you are willing to make changes for a high-quality life!