[Can you drink lemonade when menstruation comes?]_ Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

[Can you drink lemonade when menstruation comes?]_ Menstrual period_Can you drink it?

When a girl comes to menstruation every month, when the girl ‘s physical resistance is the lowest, and when her immunity is poor, many girls will have a lot of reactions when they come to menstruation. At this time, girls should pay special attentionFor the protection of the body, especially in terms of diet, pay attention to the fact that many foods cannot be eaten during menstruation, and some foods will worsen the adverse reactions of girls during menstruation.

You can drink lemonade during your period.

Menstrual blood is the dividing fluid of blood and some replaced endometrium, cervical mucus and vaginal secretions, belonging to the blood vessels of the body.

During menstruation, women’s bodies are more or less inadequate, but this is also a very good time for detoxification. Women can help their bodies defecate through dietary conditioning.

During menstruation, you can drink more brown sugar water to improve the elimination of toxins and congestion. You should also pay attention to rest and supplement nutrition. Generally, you can take some qi and stasis medicine, such as Bazhen Yimu Pill, Motherwort Granules,Proper consumption of pig blood can also help the role of drainage of blood.

Brown sugar is a common food in life.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that brown sugar is warm, sweet, and enters the spleen meridian. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that granulated sugar (brown sugar) has the effects of relieving liver and spleen, nourishing blood, activating blood, stasis, and excreting lochia.

Drinking brown sugar water during menstruation can warm the body, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and discharge a lot of menstruation.

What to eat during menstruation 1, cauliflower, carrots Before and after menstruation, due to the effects of hormone secretion and physical discomfort, women often have some adverse emotional changes.

Vitamin B6 can help synthesize neurotransmitters that enhance mood and maintain emotional stability.

Cauliflower, carrots, and other foods are rich in vitamin B6. Women who eat properly can provide a lot of vitamin B6 to the body and help stabilize mood.

2. Some women with spinach will experience complications and breast tenderness during menstruation.

Spinach vitamin E can reduce the production of prostaglandin, which is a substance that can cause premenstrual pain.

Eating spinach can effectively supplement vitamin E and improve pain.

3, pumpkin due to endocrine reasons, women are prone to acne during menstruation.

Menstrual women can eat some pumpkins. Zinc can be added to pumpkins. Zinc can reduce skin oil secretion and reduce the chance of infection.

4. Some women in soy are always hungry and have a strong desire for food.

Pre-absorption of more calcium-containing foods such as soy can reduce the feeling of obesity, because the estrogen secretion increases at this time, preventing calcium from being dissolved in the blood.