Although Zong Xueqin is a married woman,,But this guy is a beautiful girl,Age in thirties,For an ordinary woman,Should have started to go downhill,But for a cultivator,Thirty years old is the time to show your charm!

These guys have a few temptations to resist Zong Xueqin?Yelling one by one,Looks like a monster!
“Humph,Ignorant guys!”
Zong Xueqin looked at these guys,Turned back to the background,this place,It’s just a temporary place,Anytime,Settled elsewhere,You must have your own power,For Zong Xueqin,This matter is very important,Till today,It’s finally time for me to officially prepare for revenge!
Chapter One Thousand and One Swallow
Haicheng,Although it’s a small place,But this place is definitely hiding the dragon and the tiger,Not far from Haicheng is the South China Sea Battlefield,As one of the six thrones of the army, Wanghai, the sea king, is here,Simultaneously,Some senior members of the Huangpu family also have a lot of eyeliners in this place。
Haicheng is not big,But it’s the place where the entire Dahua country is drunk and at large,It’s also the most dangerous place in the entire Dahua country。
After Zong Xueqin escaped from Bincheng,Hiding everywhere,Xia Chenglong’s forces are very powerful,Can monitor almost half of the country,If your whereabouts are exposed,It is very likely that this guy will come directly to the door,So before I have to,This guy is hidden in the mountains and forests。
After arriving at Haicheng,This guy built a small weathered place in this place with his own power,As an ambitious woman,Zong Xueqin hates this kind of place,But I have to say,This kind of place is in this city,Best for rapid development!
Relying on my beauty,Zong Xueqin alarmed a guy in Haicheng,Patriarch of the Mu Family in Haicheng,This old guy is not old,Want old cows to eat tender grass,So I came to this place,But this guy has never been able to succeed every time,Come and go,This guy simply wrapped up this place,Gave Zong Xueqin a lot of money!
An instant,This woman who was already desperate gained her own power,Start to develop and grow yourself in this place,Ready to take back Ben Thanh one day!
Although the strength in Haicheng is not much,But the background of each one is not small,This place has almost become a trivial zone,It is difficult for the royal family to reach this place,The officials in this place are even guys from these families,Named official,It’s just a puppet of the family!
There are a lot of warriors in this place,And every guy’s strength is very strong,Zong Xueqin also secretly gained a lot of power in this place,Today is the big day of the fireworks willow alley,It’s also when Zong Xueqin is ready to rise in this city!
“Has everything been done??”
In the room,Zong Xueqin’s face is cold,Half-kneeling beside him is a middle-aged man with no trace of glamour,This guy has actually been killed,It’s just being refined into a puppet by some special method,Now it’s a puppet of Zong Xueqin!