First161chapter Tomb of the Nine Army

“Zhu Minglang?”
At this moment,Downhill,Wen Mengru, a female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect with excellent hearing, also turned around,Lifting his gaze to stare at the man in white shirt on the hillside。
“You dispose of these divine wastes。”Wen Mengru spoke to the two female swordsmen beside him。
“Yes,Sister……”The short-haired female disciple said。
“Does that person really wish bright,Is the young swordsman who once broke through our gate?”Another female disciple of the Mianshan Sword Sect asked in a low voice。
“Seems to be him,I heard that Sister lost to him。”The short hair woman said。
Wen Mengru’s hearing is very powerful,The words of my two junior sisters naturally caught her ears,This naturally made her feel a bit more hostile!
Wen Mengru was only 16 or 7 years old,She met a young man who wanted to break into the Mianshan Sword Sect。
After some inquiries,I knew that this person was a disciple of the Sword Sect of Yaoshan,Came from thousands of miles to their Mianshan Jianzong to challenge。
Everyone knows,The two great forests of Jianzong,Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong!
People often compare Yaoshan Jianzong with Mianshan Jianzong,I want to know which faction is the strongest Jian Xiuzong Lin。
Wen Mengru as a female disciple of the Mianshan Jianzong,Of course I know the existence of the Sword Sect in Yaoshan,She also wanted to see this as well as them,What’s so extraordinary about the Sword Sect of Mount Yao who has never fought。
That battle,Right at the gate。
Wen Mengru was known as the number one wizard of Mianshan Jianzong,She is about the same age as the young man from the sword sect who came to provoke.。
As a result, she didn’t even hold on to Zhu Minglang’s three tricks。
I wish Minglang all the way down the mountain gate,Whether it is a disciple,Or some uncles,Directly provocatively fight,Wen Mengru’s sister was only when she almost resisted the villa,Concubine Wen Ling defeated。
But Concubine Wen Ling is no longer a disciple,Even the teacher who taught the disciples swordsmanship。
Zhu Minglang eventually lost。