Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on the Roots"

  China News Agency, November 30th: Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on the root" Author’s author Men Rui "Although the birthday is growing abroad, the first language I learned is Chinese.

"The American Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou said when he was interviewed by China News Service. In Wang Tianyou’s growth environment, there are not many people who speak Chinese. It can speak a fluistic language in the mother tongue, and they have rely on Wang Tianyou’s parents." They don’t want me to lose Chinese language skills, which not only insists on exchange in Chinese, but also sent me to Huawen School to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. "" Father attaches great importance to the inheritance of Chinese culture in Chinese descendants.

"Wang Tianyou recalled that his childhood followed the local overseas Chinese to study martial arts, father and local overseas Chinese jointly founded the Mid-China Experimental School, he spent most of the schools in this Chinese school." School will arrange students and from China’s high-level martial arts players exchange interaction, this is a very special learning opportunity.

"Talking about learning martial arts experience, Wang Tianyou said that he has a feeling of Chinese culture by practicing China.

"Traditional Chinese Kung Fu emphasizes self-decoration, compared with the form of anti-sexual fighting forms, while maintaining morality while strengthening the body.

"Wang Tianyou introduced that although Chinese traditional martial arts belong to the small sports in foreign countries, it is still attracting some foreigners to have more in-depth interest in Chinese culture, and even more than Wanli came to China." Some foreigners learn in China. " After that, return to the United States to open a martial art, and will recruit many Chinese students.

This makes me feel the powerful vitality of Chinese culture.

"Except for learning Chinese and martial arts, Wang Tianyou’s father also encouraged him to participate in the" China Tour "activity during the summer vacation. I hope that while integrating into the real Chinese language environment, he can also feel the speed of China’s social development.

  Wang Tianyou frankly, like many foreigners who don’t understand China, he is not deeply impressed by most Chinese cities before coming to China.

"It is an exception." Wang Tianyou said that the popular Hong Kong movie has left the Hong Kong city impression of "both retaining the tradition and leading the trend".

  "Until the first time I came to Shanghai, I found Shanghai’s urban development level and Hong Kong.

"Wang Tianyou added," China’s urbanization process is a great story. When I introduce foreign friends, they have more than 8 million people in Quanzhou, and they have more than 8 million people. They are very surprised. "The" two-headed "habits continue to work, becoming Wang Tianyou’s opportunity to stay in China.

With more deeper understanding the Chinese social environment, he chooses to cooperate with the like-minded friends in China.

  "My family is in China, I lived in the Chinese cultural environment from a small life." Wang Tianyou believed that he decided to develop in China like "green leaves on the roots". "I hope to use experience and knowledge accumulated abroad to contribute to China’s social development.

"(End) Editor: 海 闻.