First86chapter I am not a little boy!
“how about it?”
Seeing Fang Yu walked out。
The dean walked over and asked。
“Happening……Not optimistic!but,The overall situation is stable!Tell me Hu Yili’s phone number,I have something to find her!”Fang Yu Shen said。
“Miss Hu’s phone number……You can find Mr. Hu!I don’t know this!”
The dean waved his hand helplessly。
Hu Yili is not his friend either,He only has Mr. Hu’s phone number。
“understood!You let someone take care of her first,In case,call my phone!”
Finished,Fang Yu called Li Yan。
Let her transfer to Hu Yongchang!
“Find my daughter?”
Hu Yongchang said strangely。
Fang Yu didn’t go to treat Jiang Wan’er,How does it involve my daughter??
“Yes!has a problem?”
Fang Yu said strangely。
Ask Hu Yili’s contact information,Is it weird?