The friends who were surrounded by the rich second-generation male protagonist betrayed overnight,Even at the wine bureau that night, the male lead could not come to stage。Young green tea classmates,Various show operations before and after the protagonist’s bankruptcy,For example, while reiterating here,She loves the hero,Not the money of the hero,But secretly copied the male protagonist’s address book,Start looking for the next object,and many more,and many more。

If there are any advantages of this drama,Probably the handling of various conflicts is very intense,As an idol drama is also very qualified,Because the ending is said to be very warm,When the actor looks at his heart,After discovering that what he was thinking of was Bai Mu,Use love to transform this two-dimensional girl into a three-dimensional normal human,Then the prince and princess finally lived happily together。
Of course, the plot of this drama is probably a moderate rating,But I can’t stand the acting skills of these virtual characters one by one.,Whether it’s the hero or Bai Mu or scheming bitch,Really bring the role to life,Plus the director is still a software,Full of gimmicks,Just released,I get a lot of complaints and attention,And was sealed as the first TV series in history produced by all artificial intelligence software,It belongs to the TV series to be in history books,Natural response。
like、Critical、Protesting、Reflective,All kinds of voices。
If it weren’t for the sudden emergence of high-energy solid-state batteries from the Brain Machine Society, it has grabbed the heated discussion,This TV series once dominated the headlines of controversial Weibo topics。
Whether it is shoddy or well-crafted, all parties have always disputed。
But one thing is beyond doubt,When the Xin system was promoted in China,Some people’s jobs are really passive。
This means that Changxiang Technology is not listed,If you really want to belong to a listed company,Just by this TV show,At least several daily limit,Plus solid high-energy batteries,It is estimated that at least a dozen or even dozens of daily limit can be closed。
But even if the company is not listed,Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian are also very complicated now。
Nothing else,Mainly the shares in Guo Xiaoyi’s hands。
According to Wang Yufei’s previous interview with the two,Guo Xiaoyi used the previous seven thousand yuan of pocket money to invest,I have already received nearly 10 million dividends,Has always owned five thousandths of Changxiang Technology。
Or original stock。
Before the company’s most famous product was only a brain-computer chip,Last year’s dividends changed to a set of advanced flats,The two adults can still bear it。
But this year suddenly broke out,This is Xin system again,Smart software again,It’s high-energy battery again……
Now think about how much the five thousandths of the shares are worth?
Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian didn’t dare to think about it。