All Meetings of Fujian Women and Children’s Workings Committee

Original title: All meetings of the Provincial Women’s Work Committee held the 20th, the plenary meeting of the Provincial Women’s Work Committee, the Standing Committee, Vice Governors, and the director of the Provincial Women’s Work Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking.

Guo Ning Ning pointed out that this year is the beginning of the year of implementing the new national and Fujian women’s children’s development ten years. To study the importance of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the work of women and children’s children and to investigate the spirit of the important speech, conscientiously implement the second plenary meeting of the Seventh Session of the State Council, in accordance with the provincial government deployment requirements, and further do new " Two-step "implementation and women’s children’s children’s work, promoting the new level of women in the province’s women’s children.

She emphasized that the Women’s Working Committee and the members of each member must accurately grasp the new era of new era, from the high height of the development of the party and the national business, promote the equality of male and female equality, the principle of children’s priority; "The" 14th Five-Year Plan "and special planning of Fujian Province, coordinating the province development, combing and improves the new" two "content, and do a good job in issuing information and publicity, expand the knowledge, and implement" two "implementation Integrate into the economic and social development plan, policy system, legal construction, the same deployment, the same advancement, according to the "projectization" "list" "Attack" work requests to decompose the target tasks, implement fine; Coordinate linkage, with the new "two" guided the high-quality development of women and children in the province, protect women’s children’s rights, improve the health and education of women and children, support women’s employment, strengthen new era, family teachers, buildings, service The province’s epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, in order to help all-round high-quality development transcendence, struggle to write a new more contribution to the comprehensive construction of socialist modern national Fujian. (Reporter Zheng Yuxi) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Chen Lanyan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.