[Can baking soda be used for solid eggs]_Sodium bicarbonate_How to use

[Can baking soda be used for solid eggs]_Sodium bicarbonate_How to use

Many people especially like to eat real eggs, but because there are more additives in the era of eating outside, and many times are fake and made manually, so many people like to make real eggs at home, andReal egg is a famous snack in Northeast China. It is loved by the people in Northeast China. Can you use baking soda when making real egg?

The following editors will introduce to you that the real egg is a Northeast snack, soda noodles and baking soda can’t make it.

Ingredients: eggs, noodles, salt, other materials are used for scrambled eggs, such as cumin, pepper noodles, sesame, etc., are barbecue seasonings, which can be adjusted according to your own taste, a certain type of Korean hot sauce.

Preliminary: Put the eggs in a small bowl to break up and beat well.

Step 2: Put the noodles in a small bowl and use less water to dissolve them. For six eggs, use one and a half spoonful of noodles. (If you do n’t make it, it ‘s too hard.)In the beaten egg, stir well and add a little salt, the color of the egg becomes a little darker. Step 3: Steam the pan, it seems best to skim off the foam, otherwise there will be bubbles.

After steaming it is like “frozen”, the volume is about the same as before steaming. It is recommended that the water be steamed after boiling, about six or seven minutes. The fire should not be too big, and it should not be too long.

It turns green after steaming, and when it gets cooler, it is cut out and cut into thin slices for easy taste.

Step 4: Fry in a frying pan so that the outer skin will become crispy and taste good. It has less oil at home and can be fried.

Step 5: Put the green onions, stir-fry the various seasonings, and finally pan out.

Use buns to make buns.

Yeast produces lactic acid when it comes out, so in order to make the buns delicious, it is to use alkaline substances to neutralize lactic acid.

Therefore, baking soda and edible alkali are both acceptable.

My mom sometimes used baking soda and sometimes edible alkali.

The effect is the same.