Chapter Eighty Seven Against lightning

At this time, Qin Feng has experienced the baptism of thunder and lightning, and his body strength has reached a shocking strength.,Seeing Qin Feng stretched out his palm gradually,Reach out to thunder and lightning,Qin Feng’s hand just approached Thunder,Thunder seems to be angry,It’s boiling towards Qin Feng。
Qin Feng smiled,The palm continues to zoom in,At this time Qin Feng’s body is slowly absorbing the lightning,This lightning is transformed by the spiritual power of nature,Just too powerful,Most people can’t afford it。
But Qin Feng,Can bear after baptism,That’s why I dare to step forward and resist the lightning,At this time, the lightning was actually absorbed by Qin Feng a little bit,The thunder and lightning are now more vigorous,Ah let the Buddha come to the end of the world。
Qin Feng is also dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, this lightning seems to have its own consciousness。
Of course Qin Feng is not afraid,I have just been hacked to get super hardness,At random, Qin Feng didn’t panic at all seeing thunder and lightning hit him,Instead, he patted out with the other palm to fight the lightning。
Just such a person and Lei Dian are fighting in Qin Feng’s own small world,after awhile,Lightning sees Qin Feng absorb lightning faster and faster,Had to retreat,Otherwise, that will only make Qin Feng stronger。
Qin Feng saw the thunder and lightning retreat,In a hurry,With both hands,Two thunderbolts held in hand,Qin Feng looked at these two thunder and lightning,Qin Feng absorbed it instantly。
Qin Feng felt an extra strength in his body at this time,This is the power of thunder and lightning,Qin Feng worked hard,Arc in the palm。
It turns out that this is how Thor can control thunder and lightning,This was covered by Qin Feng in the thunder and lightning just now,Because at the time I felt that I could control the lightning。
At that time, it was confirmed that the name is Lei Shen Jue,Now Qin Feng can’t help but feel happy seeing this effect。
Qin Feng then came out of his own little world,Open the door,Jiang Yan is sitting there and playing with her mobile phone。
After Jiang Yan saw Qin Feng coming out,Asked:“Why stay in the room for so long,Are you hiding something from me?”
“Nowhere,I’m so hiding from you,Yan Yan,Stop thinking about it。”Qin Feng walked over,Sitting on the sand,Hold Jiang Yan next to her in her arms。
“Yan Yan,Why do you think people suddenly feel their heartbeat sometimes”
Qin Feng squinted at Jiang Yan,Provoke Jiang Yan’s eyes。
But the intellectual beauty Jiang Yan doesn’t care about Qin Feng’s wretched youth,Instead, he explained seriously。
“Heartbeat,Either coronary heart disease or seeing beautiful girls,I’m stupid。”